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Critical Illness Insurance


Although no one likes to think about getting sick, unfortunately it can happen to any one of us. Critical Illness Insurance assists you by covering costs that you may have as a result of living with an illness. Rather than worrying about these finances, Critical Illness Insurance helps you focus on your recovery.


Getting sick often results in unexpected costs. Many times, provincial or employee health plans will not cover these unexpected costs. Critical Illness Insurance can help by providing a cash benefit if you become diagnosed with a condition that is covered with your insurance. This allows you to use these funds rather than relying on your savings.


There is a large increase in life expectancy for individuals who have suffered an illness. Advanced medical treatments allow this increase in life expectancy to occur, however the costs of these medical advances can become very expensive. With Critical Illness Insurance, you will have a peace of mind knowing that you can accept medical treatment, while still being able to provide for your family and loved ones. Most importantly, you can focus on your recovery.

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